Covenant Coordinating is Stephanie Beer and for me, you are not a number, you are a huge responsibility taken on with great consideration, care and love. One of only a few clients Stephanie works with each year. 

My gift to my clients flows out of the intimate knowledge that the planning takes far more than any bride anticipates; when the thrill of the engagement leads to the intricate details of reality in planning such a special day and weekend. 

My clients receive my unwavering commitment and a devotion to all their needs. Needs you know you have now but also to the hundreds of needs you will find out you have as the planning unfolds. 

Covenant provides proven experience with extraordinary care given with great love and a covenant commitment to see you served to the very best of my ability. No matter how long or detailed the journey of planning for your wedding weekend, it is the best gift I can give my beautiful brides, their grooms and families.